iTwixie isn’t just another web site. It’s a revolution! And the revolution is growing.

That’s because iTwixie brings girls from all around the world to stand together, listen to each other and empower each other. It’s like no other site on the planet.

At iTwixie, we celebrate every single girl on earth. Girls rock. The sooner the rest of the world gets this simple fact, the sooner our world will be a better place. That’s why we can say that at iTwixie, we are changing the world. You with us?

Why iTwixie?
Girls make up the fastest growing demographic in the world. These 900 million girls fuel the iTwixie revolution, as they learn how their dreams can change the world. From Malala to the girl next door, girls pave the way for a world of mutual respect, empowerment and safety for all girls. That’s what makes this revolution so important. It all starts when a girl joins iTwixie and gets embraced by girls from all over the planet. They ask her to be BFFs. They share blogs, iTwixie challenges and vote to give each other awards, always earning prizes. From imaginative role plays to hilarious instant chats, the fun never ends. No gossip. No swearing. No inappropriate content. Just a bunch of girls around the world who believe that they are unique, authentically cool, and always searching for ways to grow bolder, stronger and happier.

Do they dance? Compete in sports? Study STEM? Play with dolls? You bet they do. They do it all because they are the coolest, most amazing girls in the world. And unlike any other community for girls, brings all girls together to celebrate their vast interests and dreams to Pledge to start changing the world, one girl at a time.

Thank you for joining theiTwixie revolution!