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Nancy Drew

Congratulations, girls! Here are our 10 Winners! These girls were the first 10 girls to answer the 5 questions from Nancy Drew Needs 10 Girls! And the winners are:


Just send in your parent’s mailing address and we’ll get your prize out to you! Way to go!

Now, what should we read next? Vote right here! We’ll post the winning book next week!

Vote for a Book to Read Next

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  1. please do dork diaries 5 because I have already read it and I know a lot about it and it is one of my all time favourite books ever in the history of dork diaries xoxo sienna101

  2. Girls! Please vote for Magic Kitten: Seaside Mystery by Sue Bently! I have read it and loved it, and I think you will to. :)


  3. Yeah! I never imagined but I’m a winner!

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