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Great job reading the first 20 pages of Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Talented-Pop Star!

1. Do you like it?
2. Who is a dork?
3. Are you like Nikki? Chloe? Zoey?
4. What are you like? Are you totally different than any of these girls?
5. Would you buy Maxwell’s Enchanted Lip Gloss?

Dork Diaries

Be sure to check back next week, Tuesday, to chat about the next 10 pages of this silly, crazy book. We cannot wait to see what you think! Thanks, Barnes & Noble for supporting reading on iTwixie!

Barnes & Noble

  1. So far, LOVE IT! I am a bit of a dork and i think i am like zoey

  2. who picked the book?

  3. i have a dork diary book

  4. I feel like Dork Diaries is a little unrealistic. I think it’s an appealing book for around 7-9 year olds, because I liked it. But every time I read one of those books, I feel the self-centered-ness of Nikki is a bit repetitive. Also I really like the layout, so i like rereading those books. And finally, I feel like the mixture between “potty humor” and romance (Nikki and Brandon) is a little awkward. But overall for my age I guess I’d rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

    ** These are my opinions, i don’t want anyone offended.

  5. Yes i liked the book
    Me and my bff are dorks
    I am like zoey because im clever and im a dork
    I am different from the girls because im not the biggest dork at my school
    I would bye maxwells enchanted lip glos because the everyone would like me once they see my beauty in the Incide.

  6. I love dork diaries

  7. I love these books, my sister and I are doing the newest do-it-yourself book together.

  8. When will we read more?

  9. I really like this book even though it is kind of unrealistic I really agree with @mismonkey on what she said about girls on and in books and tv. It almost angers me. I think we are all dorks in our own awesome way!
    I really think I am not like any of the girls at all. I just never act like them
    And I don’t under Stanton what makes them act this way I really love the seiries though I have all the books and read them a lot. If I was like one of the girls it would probably be chloe since my name is chloe and we don’t have much in common. And yes I would totally buy maxwells enchanted lip gloss not for me but for people like Mackenzie LOL! So far I really like the book

  10. I don’t really like this book so far. The girls aren’t nice. And in my town, girls are a lot different. I don’t know why books and TV shows always make girls seem so shallow. My friends are really silly, crazy, funny and smart. So I guess I don’t get this book.

  11. So what about friendships in this book? Are they like yours?

  12. @nik-nik3 I also read all the books of the series! I do consider myself a dork, but I’m a GLAMOROUS dork, like Nikki! I would say I am most like Zoey, always reciting quotes and stuff. I probably wouldn’t but the lip gloss, though, cuz I don’t really think I need it. But I think it was a good idea, though!

  13. I LOVE this book! In fact, I’ve read all of the series so far! I’d say Yes, I’m a bit of a dork. I’m probably a little like Zoey. I’m a little bit different from them, but I can totally relate to what Nikki goes through. I would totally buy Maxwell’s enchanted lip gloss! But if it didn’t work out well, I’m not sure how I would get the effects to wear off. Maybe wipe it off, I guess? :)

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