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Bad or Bold Girls
February 26, 2014

https://wimenshop.com/minyrew/5623 So what did you think of  rencontres wagneriennes bordeaux  BAD GIRLS: SIRENS, JEZEBELS, MURDERESSES, AND OTHER FEMALE VILLAINS by Jane Yolen

annonce rencontre particulier marseille Answer these 3 questions and you could win a FREE writer’s journal!

jstv dating show 1. Are bold girls also bad girls?

site de rencontre gratuit application iphone 2. Is spying bad? Are spies bad? Are spy girls bad? Have you ever thought of becoming a spy?

conocer chicos on line 3. Who was the worst bad girl from this book of 26 Bad Girls from history?

antenne bayern bekanntschaften Stay tuned for more from iTwixie’s Book Club! When you read, you WIN! Happy reading, girls!

interview kennenlernen schule Photo Credit: amazon.com http://batis-hotel.gr/fidel/klementa/1562   

  1. 1. Bold girls can be bad girls, but bad girls are not always bold, and bold girls not always bad. Most of these girls were considered bad by their society, and because they did what was not proper for their time, therefore making them “bad” in the eyes of others.

    2. Spies are bad depending on which cause is the right one to you. Remember, that no matter what the war is about, both sides will view the other as the bad guys. I have thought about spying, and I have done it. I know this because we play spy all the time, and for some reason, I’m always the best one. I’m good at creeping around houses and hiding shadows. I even have my own spy network! It’s a lot of fun!

    3. I think the worst bad girl was Elizabeth Báthory. She killed for such a petty and unjustified reason. She scares me a lot. I once watched a ghost hunting show where they went to her castle and the places where her crimes were committed.

  2. 1) BOLD is not at all the same thing as BAD. BAD, is like for example, a murderess. Now that IS bad. However, someone who is just BOLD, is NOT automatically bad.
    2) It depends. If you’re like, a little kid, it’s different. However, if you are invading someone’s privacy, that is bad.
    3) Catherine the Great sounds like a TOTAL bad girl. She just wants the throne, and she doesn’t let anything stand in her way to power! Not only does she sound totally selfish, but she ruins the ideas of bold-but-not-bad girls! *sighs and thumps head on computer*
    Well, there are my answers.

  3. Were any of these girls labeled “bad” because they weren’t girly enough? Were any of these girls “bad” because they did what boys did? Does it matter? Were these girls, just, bad?

    Tell us what YOU think!

  4. Answers (I am a journalist, I want the journal!):
    1) Bold girls can be bad girls, but not always.
    2) Spying is bad, unless its just playfully as a kid. Spies can be bad, seeing as they are prying into other people’s information. Spy girls can be bad. When I was younger, I had a “Spy Club.”
    3) They’re all bad! How do I choose!

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