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Way to go, girls, for finishing our second book for iTwixie’s Summer Book Club! How did YOU like The Hidden Staircase? Ready for some fun?

Take this quiz and you could win a prize pack from our friends at Aladdin! All winners will be announced on August 1st! Good luck!



1. Where is the mansion?
2. What noise does Nancy hear in the night?
3. Who helps her solve the mystery?
4. Does Nancy ask the police for help in this story? Do they help?
5. Is Nancy brave in this story? How?


10 girls will win a prize pack via random drawing.¬†The more you answer, the better your chances of winning… so good luck!

THANK YOU to our friends at Aladdin for providing the prizes for this terrific Summer Book Club celebration!
Aladdin Logo

When you read during the summer, you’re in better shape for the upcoming school year. Way to stay smart, girls!

Be sure to check back on Friday for a list of winners and our next book!

Smart girls rock :)

  1. Yes! What are the prizes?

    Here are my answers:
    1. Where is the mansion? Twin Elms
    2. What noise does Nancy hear in the night? sliding along the floor
    3. Who helps her solve the mystery? Ned
    4. Does Nancy ask the police for help in this story? yes! Do they help? kinda
    5. Is Nancy brave in this story? yes! How? she keeps looking for answers even when she’s threatened

  2. Are you wondering what kinds of prizes you’ll get?

Buy Viagra 50 mg in Aurora Illinois, Buy Viagra 150 mg in Reno Nevada

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