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Photo credit: nycstreets

The winning book for iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club is a story about dragons, but with a twist:


Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Seraphina is a clever novel. It won the 2013 William C. Morris Award. The main character is smart, resourceful, brave, and empathetic. In this story, dragons and humans interchange. These aren’t the fire-breathing, blood-thirsty kind of dragons. Dragons take on a human form and live alongside humans. These dragons are smart, rational, and good deal makers. Also, in this book, honesty is an important character trait. What a cool book, right? Great choice, girls!

Let’s get reading!

  •  Find a copy of Seraphina and get reading
  •  Next week, Wednesday, March 27,  we’ll have some fun ways for YOU to WIN PRIZES just for reading this cool book!
  •  AND THERE’S MORE FUN! Just click on iTwixie’s Book Club for more fun ideas

See? Easy, fun and you can WIN! iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club ROCKS!
Ok, girlie, get reading!
Every Wednesday you get a chance to win prizes. AND MARK YOUR CALENDARS! April 17, we’ll have a cool, ALL DAY Book Club Party!


(Photo Credit nycstreets)

  1. Oh, this is not a “young person book” about dragons! It is a very complicated and imaginative book about dragons. You could try the Amazon read inside it link to see if you like it at all! :)

  2. ok.Sooooo its a book about dragons? I would totally rather read something more grown-up.Like…… one of the books i recommended.Im sorry, based on my opinion….. DRAGON BOOKS ARE DUMB!!!!!Even though i used to love a cartoon about them.(When i was MUCH younger or the age of 5/6!)

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