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Maker April

Happy Maker April!

This month, get ready to see your ideas all over iTwixie! Send in an iTwixie t-shirt design! Take our brand new polls and quizzes and be heard! Share your photos, artwork or even songs and poems on your blog! We want to hear about the thinks you like to make. So fun!

And there’s more:
See if you can win the new Girl Maker of the Month award, the new and improved Smart Girl Challenge, the Word of the Week Challenge or even become the Maker April Blogger of the Month!

Join the iTwixie Book Club and read with other girls from all around the world, just like you!

Write a song, get advice, or work at your leadership skills by joining these and more clubs in the iTwixie Clubhouse!

So many ways to BE HEARD and WIN on iTwixie this month! Can’t wait to hear from YOU!

  1. I’m going to see if I can share a video about reading to little kids… :) Love this theme!

  2. This sounds so fun! Awesome!

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