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Are you reading with the only Summer Book Club for girls around the world!? There’s still time  to get reading!

Here’s what we’re reading, right now, with iTwixie’s Summer Book Club:

1. Go get a copy of Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase
2. Finish it  by next week, Friday, July 19
3. Beginning next week, you’ll get the chance to join in to play games, take the challenges and see what other girls think about the book, too! For one whole week, we’ll chat about and give you lots of chances to win prizes, just for reading Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase!

That’s right! Every time you post an answer, comment or join in on the fun, you’ll get a chance to win a prize!

So stay tuned and get reading!

When you read during the summer, you’re in better shape for the upcoming school year. So stay smart, girls, and check back, right here, next week to start chatting, playing and WINNING!


  1. I love Harry Potter! I have read the series so many times. :) For all those harry Potter fans out there, may I suggest a series? It is called “The Unwanteds and it is a mix between Harry Potter and Hunger Games. It is great and I LOVE it! for any Harry Potter fans, I suggest trying Unwanteds.

  2. I love Nancy drew series but I like harry potter much more

  3. I love the Nancy Drew series!

  4. The Hidden Staircase is one of my favorite Nancy Drew books.

  5. Have you finished THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE yet?

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