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August is All About Girls in the Media

What kinds of roles do you wish to see girls play in today’s TV shows, movies, books and songs?

Read More
September Strengths

Find a hidden strength this September! Here’s how:

Read More
Sensational September is Here!

Let’s work together to make this September Sensational! Ready? Here’s how YOU can get involved:

Read More
Who is Your Girl Hero?
Friendship Bracelet DIY

Tell the story about a girl hero in your life. Your story could be part of the Girls Speak Out at the United Nations on October 11th! Check it out:

Read More
Happy Birthday to Malala

Add your birthday message for Malala right here!!! Be sure to watch her speech, too :) She rocks. Check it out:

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Last Day Live in 2016!

Join iTwixie for our last day LIVE on December 31! 5 girls will win!

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Be a Change Agent

Together we can change the world. How? Be becoming change agents! Welcome to Be a Change Agent November! Here’s how:

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Michelle Obama Has Your Back

Once in a while, you meet someone who wants to see you soar and achieve your goals. Meet Michelle Obama, girls. She’s got your back:

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Cheers to Star Power October
Girl Friendship 2019

For Star Power October, let’s help each other be our best and tell the stories to make this month remarkable and special! We can’t wait to hear your Star Power story! Here’s how:

Read More
The 5th Annual International Day of the Girl

Add your voice to the Girls Speak Out at the United Nations! If you’re 13-18, please send in your art, stories, songs, poems or more! Here’s how:

Read More