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Today in History, Madeleine Albright Was Born

Happy Birthday, Madeline Albright! Today in history, our first Secretary of State who was a woman, was born. Check her out:

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Today in History, the Mary Kies Patent was Awarded

Today in history, Mary Kies, an inventor, became famous for applying and getting a US patent. Check her out:

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Today in History, First Women Team to Manaslu

These women succeeded in an 8K meter ascent in 1979. Wow – check them out!

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Today in History Nellie T Ross Became US Mint Director
First Woman Governor in the US, First Woman Director of the US Mint

Her story is worth reading. Are you like Nellie? Check her out:

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Today in History Gemma Flynn was Born
Gemma Flynn

You could be like Gemma. Here’s how:

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May is All About Today in History
First African American Woman to be named Consulant in Poetry

Today in history, Gwendolyn Brooks became the first African American woman to earn the distinction and honor to be named Consultant of Poetry. Check her out:

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Strong Spiders

Spiders inspire innovation! It’s true! Check out how:

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Maker April

The Maker Movement has come to iTwixie. We cannot wait to see what YOU make and share this Maker April! Check it out:

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31 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Lili Cheng

What a month this has been! Here’s the 31st Engineer Like You! She had big dreams, just like you. And now she’s doing big things. See how she can inspire you to keep dreaming, learning and working for your big dreams:

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30 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Joyce Tung

Dreamers, learners and doers – these are people just like you. See how you’re like this dreamer who is seeing her dreams come true:

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