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    When you meet someone that you want to be friends with, what do you say to them? I haven’t really been social, so I don’t remember how I made friends.

    • Yeah, that’s EXACTLY how I am, without any difference. I wanted friends very bad, but I wasn’t very good at making them. I remember when I was a little younger, I LITERALLY bribed people to be my friends, no joke. My advice? Ask someone you KNOW has a lot of friends.

    • My best friend moved away a few months ago. So did another one of my friends. The other one started hanging out with new people and I did not really want to join them.i just got back up with on old friend. That is what I think you should do.

    • just say do you want to be friends

    • Just think about and be brave to ask I believe in you!

    • Just say hi to them now and again and then slowly do more frequently after some time start saying a little more to them and eventually you have a new best friend