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11 Days of Action – Day 6
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Today the Alice Paul Institute is sponsoring Day 6 of the 11 Days of Action. Alice Paul was instrumental in making it legal for women to vote!

Their challenge for you is to name your nationally known shero.

Now your mother or teacher may be your most important shero, but we are asking for a shero that is so well known that everyone will know who you are talking about when you put down her name.

Tell all your iTwixie friends about her in the comments below and you have completed another entry!

Every time YOU participate in one of the 11 Days of Action, you will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of UGG Boots!


Today’s Day of Action is sponsored by the Alice Paul Institute




(Photo Credit: norfolkdistrict)

  1. People might not know her well but we learned all about her in a university course. My shero is Lady Ada Lovelace. She was the world’s first programmer. It wasn’t a man, it wasn’t a boy, it was a woman. She set the stage for every single development in computer science since. She lived from 1815-1852 when she died of cancer, another reason she is a hero. She didn’t get any recognition despite doing so much for c.s. Unfortunately her original code was never tested because the machine was never finished, but she did it. All of our programming today never would have existed without her. She discovered all of these new things, she developed programs and created algorithms, and never once got the recognition she deserved until way later, long after she had passed.

  2. Rosa Parks has changed all women’s life by just saying one word. I think that she was a very important woman because she risked her life by having the courage to stand up for herself.

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