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Smiling is contagious. No kidding! When you smile at someone, she’ll smile back. Smiling makes everyone feel happier :) PLUS, a smile gives you the chance to look your best right away and make a great first impression. Smiling also builds confidence. Even when we feel nervous, scientists say that forcing a smile can help to calm nerves, create a relaxed and happy feeling, and makes our audience smile, too. Isn’t it easier to talk to someone new when they’re smiling? So keeping smiling, iTwixie girls!


Many people simply don’t feel comfortable making eye contact. But when we do, wow, it makes a huge difference. Studies show that people think a person who makes eye contact is honest and knows more about whatever she is saying. So be sure to look into the eyes of the person you’re getting to know. It sounds so simple, but it’s so, so worth it.


No matter if you’re online, texting a friend or meeting someone new in person, some questions work better than others for getting to know new people, without getting too personal. Always keep yourself safe, girlie! Use them as a guide to ask about the kinds of things that matter most to you. The big idea here is learn how to chat about different topics! Unique ideas are what can make a friendship really special. So think about questions like these:

1) What is your favorite website?

2) Do you play a sport?

3) Are you looking forward to Spring?


What do you want to know when you meet someone NEW?

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You’re ready to go, iTwixie girl! Give these 3 tips a try for the next week. Tell us, how did they work for you? Feeling like a Social Superstar? What else works to keep you safe and having fun, when meeting people?

(Photo Credit: ER24EMS(Pty)Ltd.)

  1. I will try this out im not really good with people so this might help

  2. I love the first tip! It is the easiest one to do :)

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