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Camping Activities
July 15, 2013

site de rencontre pour arabe gratuit You can do this at camp free dating sites indiana or in your back yard! This is such messy fun, it belongs outside and that is why we are telling you about it here. One name for it is:  Oobleck: The Dr. Seuss Science Experiment

site de rencontres 62 Visit Website Warning: you may learn something from doing this!

rencontre 3e type bugarach 20 and 14 year old dating You will need:

  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Food coloring 
  • measuring cups, large bowl, spoon, clean hands
  • A place to make a mess, usually outside at campsite or backyard is best.

partnersuche profile You will:

  • With a measured amount of water in a bowl, start adding the corn starch. You can use a spoon at first, but pretty quickly you’ll be moving on to using your hands to stir it up. 
  • When you get close to adding 1.5 X cornstarch to the amount of water you had at the start, begin adding the cornstarch in more slowly and mixing it in with your hands. The goal is to get a consistency of Oobleck that is both liquid and solid.
  • Sometimes you will need more cornstarch. If so, keep adding more than the initial 1.5 X. If you add too much, just add some water back into it. You will have to play with it to see what feels appropriately weird.
  • Now that the Oobleck is just right, it’s time to add some color. Save this step for later because it’s a fun challenge to stir in the food coloring. You will have to slowly mix the Oobleck around to get it thoroughly mixed.

Now play with the Oobleck! Here’s a short list of things you can try:

- Grab a handful, squeeze it, and let it ooze out your fingers.
- Make a puddle and quickly drag your fingers through it.
- Put it into a plastic container and shake it or quickly bump it against a table.
- Jab at the Oobleck.
- Slowly let your finger sink in.
- If you make a large quantity (and the adults do not mind) you can walk on it and stomp on it!

informative post Outdoor activities ROCK! Have fun and be sure to wash everything off when finished.

bow wow dating vanessa simmons  Are you going to a day camp, special interest camp or camping with your family? Tell iTwixie all about what you’re doing at camp in the comment section below and earn this cool Achievement:




(Photo and directions by fungus amungus)

  1. We used to do that! :p Haha it’s messy but fun.
    This year I’m going to cheer camp! Can’t wait. :D

  2. my cousins are coming down from New Zealand 4 the summer, & we’ll deffenetly go camping at least once. +, we went camping with my other cousins at long beach, WA. that was awesome!!!:)

  3. I did an acting camp

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