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Try this Cannoli Recipe by Hawkstar
Photo credit: thegirlsny

site de rencontre pour mariage blanc en france Thanks, @Hawkstar, for this cool recipe! Cannoli’s aren’t an every day kind of treat, so try and make these and send in a picture of yours. We cannot wait to see! Here’s how you’ll make them:

try here mujer soltera busca online Ingredients

  • Ricotta cheese
  • Cannoli shells or ice cream waffle cones
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Yogurt

citation rencontrer le grand amour site rencontre protestant Assembly Instructions (This may take up to a half hour)

conocer gente por internet mexico Step 1: Mix Ricotta Cheese, Chocolate Syrup, Sugar, and Yogurt in a small
bowl, as you will not need too much of this unless you are serving a large
party of people. Around 3 table spoons of Ricotta is good for around three
people, and double that if you are having 6 or more. You can add as much
sugar as you want, same for the yogurt and chocolate syrup depending on
how sweet you want it.

citas ciegas online Step 2: Set that off to the side after stirring and preheat your griddle
to 5 or 6 on the dial. Grab the waffle shells or Canoli shells and set
them on the griddle. Let them reach a golden brown or brown, as this might
make them a bit crunchier. Take them off the griddle when brown or golden
brown and set them on a plate.

site rencontre kum Step 3: Stuff the shells with the mixture of Ricotta, Chocolate Syrup,
Sugar, and Yogurt and garnish with honey or more chocolate syrup.

site de rencontre gratuit pour les filles YOURURL.com Enjoy!
(Serves 1 Cannoli each! CAUTION:This is a very rich desert!)

Hope you like my recipes! You rule! @Hawkstar:)


Photo credit: Kim, thegirlsny

  1. I love these! Great recipe… we made it and it rocks. @Hawkstar you rock! We miss you!

  2. that sounds really good! i’ll have to try it soon!

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