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Strong Biceps
April 1, 2013
by Anika Malone

http://bamboudent.com/pain When you make a muscle in your arm, you can see your biceps (say: BYE-seps).  So take iTwixie’s Biggest GAINER Challenge! It’s easy!

http://everythingsheltie.com/kolbasa/klepsiela/375 Just tell your iTwixie BFFs 3 ways you used your biceps this week. Did you help put away groceries? You used your biceps! Did you carry books at school? You used your biceps! Did you bounce a basketball? You used your biceps! It’s that easy… so how did you use your biceps this week?

24ème rencontres du cinema à beaurepaire Here’s the thing: you cannot build really big bicep muscles until you are a teenager. Did you know that? But that doesn’t mean you cannot get stronger. So see how you can gain strength in your biceps this week!

citas con hombres activos Every girl who writes down 3 ways she used her biceps this week will earn a Biceps Achievement award :)

rencontre femme guinГ©e Let’s all get moving those biceps and GAIN strength!

partnersuche at kostenlos Photo Credit: Anika Malone

  1. use this link belaying someone while they climbed, carrying textbooks, and doing laundry

  2. More Help carrying a scooter for my bffs sister, carrying a suitcase, and carrying groceries

  3. 1. doing discus at track 2. holding my book while I read it 3. carrying my book bag

  4. 1. carrying groceries
    2. carrying my recycling bin
    3. picking up my 5-year-old cousin ;)


  5. 1:I do a daily work out routine containing Bicep workouts
    2: climbing trees
    3: holding babies :P (seriously I spent a lot of time holding babies on Sunday)
    I didn’t know that you didn’t build up those muscles till you were a teenager. I guess you learn something new everyday :D

  6. So cool! :D Three ways I used my biceps this week was: 1:Doing Some push ups. 2:Jump roping 3: And playing a bit of tennis. :)

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