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Let your iTwixie BFFs in on your fave places to go online! Just enter at least 5 of your fave websites in the comments below. Really, it would be so fabulous if you would list your fave websites no matter how long the list is!! Then we will have a great list to vote on ;)

Next week, on June 6, we will put together a list of your fave websites for you to vote.

Then on June 13 we will put up YOUR list of the top 10 Tween Girl websites.

This is gonna be so much fun. Join in!


(Photo Credit: Extra Ketchup)

  1. my favorite websites are:

    kobo.com (i have 1)

  2. My Top 5 Favorite Websites Are:


  3. My fave websites are:

    Fanfiction.net (WARNING: Some stuff is inappropriate)
    YouTube (Same warning as above, I use it to watch TV Episodes and listen to music)
    Wattpad (A fanfiction writing website)
    Pocketwriters (A fanfiction writing wensite)

I need to buy Viagra in Pomona California, Buy Viagra pills online in Anchorage Alaska

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