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from the mothercompany

A disagreement doesn’t have to feel like a sword fight.

We ALL disagree sometimes. It’s what makes life so much fun. We are all so different! Friends, siblings, strangers and world leaders all disagree. But a disagreement doesn’t have to turn into a huge fight. And we never have to be mean about it. End of story.

So, here are 5 easy to do things for you to try, next time you don’t agree with someone. Ready?

Let’s start with the simple idea that you and your BFF disagree about something.

1) First, take turns saying one thing you like about each other. Example: I like how you’re smart. I like your sense of humor.

2) Then say what you think. Just say it in a sentence. No hitting, punching, yelling or interrupting. Example: I want to go to the movie. I want to go to the play.

3) Now, give one reason for why you feel that way. When you’re listening, don’t interrupt. Just listen. Example: I don’t want to go to that movie ever. I never want to go to the play.

4) And here’s when it gets good: take turns giving each other one reason you might change your mind. Example: If you go to the move with me, I’ll go to the play with you. If you go to the play with me, I’ll go to the movie with you.

5) Ha! Wasn’t that great? LOL! Really, LAUGH OUT LOUD! Together! Sometimes solving a disagreement is that simple. All we really need to do is to find the common ground between two ideas. In the example, it was all about compromise, right? Each girl gave in a little so that she could get what she wanted. Fun!

Sure, every disagreement won’t be this easy. But one thing is for sure: if we try, we can work just about every disagreement out without a big fight. All it takes is a little time to be kind, respectful and listen to each other, you can work just about any disagreement out.

Try it! Did it work? Tell us right here!

(Photo Credit: TheMotherCompany)

  1. Yes! My sister is my best freind. I always try not to fight with her, but sometimes we do. Then, when everyone is cooled off, I try to work it out with her. There is disagreeing, where one person wants one thing, and the other person wants another thing. Then, arguing, where they start to quarrel. Then, FIGHTING! Uh oh. Now, there is yelling and possibly violence, and not talking to eachother for a long time. I try not to fight.

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