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The curve of your spine makes it possible for you to balance, walk and move the way you want! That is why starting around age 10, doctors and schools start making sure the curve of your spine is just the way it should be.

By checking your back now, medical peeps can help you if you are developing the right amount of curve. About 3 in every 100 girls have a little more spinal curve than is best…but catching that now can make all the difference in how you move!

So if you have not had your curvy spine checked out, now might be a good time to ask about it! That way you can grow with just the right amount of curve :)

For ways you can make sure you have a strong back and spine, check out Got Your Back!  You can even earn this Achievement by telling iTwixie how you are making your back strong!!




(Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks)

  1. I make my back stronger by sitting up straight in and out of a chair.

  2. Every year at school we do a check for this

  3. i make my back strong by using my posture every day in choir. also, when you use good posture at dinner, its easier 2 digest ur food

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