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Ready for a challenge? Jump rope 3 times this week! See how YOU feel and tell us, right here! Here’s why: Jumping rope burns more calories per minute than most other workouts, including running. AND you can jump rope just about anywhere! All you need is a good jump rope and cross training shoes.

So here’s a fitness challenge, just for YOU! Go grab a rope and start JUMPING this week! Try and jump rope for 10 minutes THREE TIMES THIS WEEK!

Just jumping rope for 10 minutes is as good as:

  • Cycling 2 miles in 6 minutes
  • Playing handball for 20 minutes
  • Jogging 30 minutes at a moderate pace
  • Running 1 mile in 12 minutes
  • Swimming 720 yards in 12 minutes
  • Playing 2 sets of tennis

Let’s get jumping! Are you up for the challenge? Let’s hear it!


Thank you, Single Minded Women, for these great facts on jumping rope!


  1. i love jumping rope you exercise you arms, and legs.

  2. I’m totally doing this challenge. I love jump roping so I think the fact that I love jump roping is going to make it really fun.

  3. I love jumping rope… who knew it was so good for us, too? I’m doing it! Especially because our tread mill just broke. Ugh. So this will be easy!

  4. WOW – this is really challenging, but it made me feel great. Who knew jumping rope for 10 minutes would be so tough! How about you? Anyone else do it?

  5. Wow, I never knew using the jump rope burns this many calories !! I should do this more often… I’m going to try the challenge though :p

  6. I hope this isn’t hard but i’ll give it a shot and write a entry about it in the blogger club by peeps. xoxo sienna101

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