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iTwixie Cooking Club

Want to join iTwixie’s Cooking Club?

Here’s how:

Just jot your idea for what we should cook together first. And then next week we’ll have a vote for the very first iTwixie Cooking Club selection! You’ll get to choose what we’ll cook together and WHO should be our very first host of the brand, new iTwixie Cooking Club!

Every host will get a cool, iTwixie Chef Apron signed by our founder, Rebecca.

Sound cool? You in? Great! Just jot down what YOU think we ought to cook up first!

iTwixie Cooking Club is going to rock, just like YOU!

Thanks, @chloegymnaskills3, for this excellent idea!

  1. How about spaghetti and meatballs? I made my own pasta sauce once, it was delicious.
    Also I have no idea who should be the host, good luck with that! :)

  2. I think we should make a pizza or a mango juice

  3. wavo rancheroes

  4. My idea was that we make Divinity. Divinity is so easy to make and it is so good. And the best part part is that you can stuff it, frost it, add fruit ,or just eat it plain. It’s the Perfect thing to make, so please please look into it and consider it.

  5. I think we should make puffed wheat cake it tastes so good

  6. I think we should make pancakes. They’re super easy beginner choices, and we could even make some eggs along with it. We could make banana pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, and a bunch of other stuff. Your family will probably be like, “Gee, these are good! Where did you learn to make them?” and you’ll be like, “Just this super cool girl on the internet, she’s like, so great!” Just kidding, please don’t say that. But anyways, I think pancakes are a great idea, especially for making breakfast in bed. :D

  7. Now I make confetti pancakes and i do a good gob on it and i make smoothies and I make cupcakes and I this one the Military cake.

  8. Some mornings i make eggs for my family and mostly its my brothers and my dad not my mom so i want to learn how to make more breakfast food

  9. Well, my bestest friend evah and I made chocolate chip cookies the other day, messy, by very fun, and SUUUPER delicious!

    “Be the person that, when your feet hit the ground in the morning, the devil goes ‘OH CRUD, THEY’RE UP!’ ” ~ That_Rock_Goddess

  10. Hmm… lemme think about it.. I think we should try to make cupcakes together. x3 Depends on what kind of cookies we can make like chocolate chip, sugar, or oatmeal. I prefer chocolate chip, though. Anyway, if this, by some stretch of the imagination, gets voted the most, I can post the ingredients.

    P.S. Hallelujah for a cooking club. Finally :D Where has it been all my life

  11. Hai on my blog I posted an idea for this club: brownie pizza so what you do is you make brownies, cut them into circles, put frosting on them and then put cut of fruit on them. You can see the picture on my blog. I got the idea from American girl magazine. I will go into more detail if my idea wins the vote.

  12. Yay ! We have a cooking club!
    I think we should make lasagna or a smoothie.

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