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http://aronsonfence.com/?viosele=rencontres-pluridisciplinaires-de-diagnostic-pr%C3%A9natal&0b3=e0 Introducing iTwixie’s Cooking Club! Here’s where YOU get to decide who will be chef, what they’ll teach us how to cook! Sound fun? Great! Then just vote for the first chef and chef selection, right here! We’ll announce the winner and next week.

try here They’re all so good. This is going to be a difficult decision! Good luck, girls!

learn this here now Just click on your favorite Chef and Chef Selection, right here:


site de rencontre a fourmies 59610

visit site http://peterboroughphotographicsociety.com/primeta/5803 Vote for the First iTwixie Cooking Club Host!

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site de rencontre avec femme francaise Here are the descriptions of each chef’s ideas:

Chef @wykkydangel: Well, my bestest friend evah and I made chocolate chip cookies the other day, messy, by very fun, and SUUUPER delicious!

Chef @edelene: I think we should try to make cupcakes together. x3 Depends on what kind of cookies we can make like chocolate chip, sugar, or oatmeal. I prefer chocolate chip, though. Anyway, if this, by some stretch of the imagination, gets voted the most, I can post the ingredients. P.S. Hallelujah for a cooking club. Finally :)  Where has it been all my life

Chef @chloegymnaskills3: Hi on my blog I posted an idea for this club: brownie pizza so what you do is you make brownies, cut them into circles, put frosting on them and then put cut of fruit on them. You can see the picture on my blog. I got the idea from American Girl Magazine. I will go into more detail if my idea wins the vote. OR I think we should make lasagna or a smoothie.

Photo credit: Coqui the Chef

  1. I’ll vote Wykkydangel I love chocolate chip cookies….:-)

  2. I voted for Edelene! <3 Good luck, sweetie!

  3. I like this idea, and cupcakes and cookies! :)

  4. I like the chef Edelen’s idea.

  5. @chloegymnaskills3 we should totally make brownie pizzas! This is so cool! When does it start?

  6. @chloegymnaskills3 I loved the brownie pizza idea, it sounds very classy! But what I think is if you decide to go with it, you should maybe come up with a different name, something just as classy as the brownie itself. But I do love all your ideas and they sound yummy whatever their name is going to be!

  7. I like @chloegymnastics

  8. It won’t let me vote but I say @chloegymnaskills3

  9. I’ve never really cooked a lot, but it sounds like a lot of fun, and I would totally share my creations with my friends and family. I think a smoothie would probably be easiest to make, but I like more of a challenge, so I would probably try to make cookies. And-who knows, I might try to make something special on my own! :D

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