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Take the iTwixie Plank Challenge

How long can YOU hold a plank position? What is it? Well, it’s like the girls in the picture! Here’s how you hold a plank position:

Put your hands and toes in push-up position and lift your body up, like you are doing a push-up. NOW, don’t move. Try to keep your body as straight as a board – or a plank of wood. Get it?¬†

Here’s iTwixie Plank Challenge:

1) Get into a plank position and time how long you can hold it. Don’t be surpised if you can only hold it for a few seconds!

2) Have someone take a picture of you holding this position. SMILE!

3) Now post it on your profile page! Don’t forget to post how many seconds you could hold it, too.

YOU GO GIRLS! The girl who can hold her plank position the longest – and posts a picture – will get an iTwixie t-shirt! Woot woot!

(Photo Credit: lululemon athletica)


  1. I can hold a plank for FOUR minutes! No kidding! Will put up a picture in a little bit. :)

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