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How to Chill
Photo by StressFreeKids

Our friends at StressFreeKids can help us all beat stress. It makes sense, right? Just being able to chill can make life so much easier.

Try this:

1) Blow Bubbles! So fun, right? But get this: blowing bubbles will chill you out.

2) Breathe Like You Are Asleep Breathe in for 5 seconds and then out for 5 seconds. Pretty soon you’ll feel much more ready for anything. It is so easy and wow, does it work.

3) Listen to Music┬áNot rock or rap. More like calm, quiet, music. Like music with outdoor sounds, or ocean waves, or music that you’d hear at a spa. You may even take a nap, it’s so chill!

Feeling totally chill? What worked best? Tell us here, in the comments below:

(Ideas and Photo Credit: StressFreeKids)

  1. when im stressed I sit In my room and listen to music and read

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