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Make Campfire S’mores
July 8, 2013

You will need:

  • Graham crackers
  • Large marshmallows
  • Milk chocolate squares
  • Metal or fire resistant skewers
  • Campfire

You will :

  • Have an adult nearby
  • Have graham crackers and milk chocolate squares broken into serving sizes, have one graham cracker covered with chocolate square on plates ready to use quickly.
  • Roast marshmallow on a stick over the campfire until done to your liking (golden brown or charred is your choice). It works best if the marshmallow is at least soft!
  • Put the toasty marshmallow on a graham cracker already covered with chocolate and add another graham cracker as a top. Let stand a minute or more so the chocolate can melt some. Then eat!


Do you have a fave s’mores recipe that you would like to share with your iTwixie BFFs? Just add it in the comments below and you will earn this achievement award!  You can add other campfire food faves and earn this award that way, too!





(Photo Credit:  sanchom)

  1. Here’s mine:

    Take two crackers and smear chocolate over them. Add one marshmallow. You can roast your marshmallow.
    Place the crackers on it, and enjoy!

  2. I love s’mores, but s’mores cake is delicious! It’s pretty easy, you just take regular chocolate cake mix and prepare that in a pan, put graham crackers on top, then put chocolate bars on top of that. Then a few minutes before its done you put marshmallows on top until they’re golden brown! It’s great for rainy days when you can’t make a fire outside. :)

  3. I usally maske it this way only with 2 marshmallows instead of one and sometimes I experiment with peeps marshmallows

  4. well, if u are craving s’mores in the middle of the day, with no campfire, try using ice cream instead of marshmallow, a cookie instead of a graham cracker, and something chocolaty that u like 2 make a yummy cold s’more!!:)

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