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Look at the feature photos above. Can you tell which one is real? The only thing that’s different between the two photos is the color…yet one is a fake!

Take iTwixie’s Real or Fake Challenge:
Guess which photo is real in the comments section. You will win the challenge just by telling us what you think!


How do you feel about images of women being changed to make their faces, bodies, hair or other body parts different from the original photos?

You can get involved, too. Just write a blog and tell the world how YOU feel about the fake images magazines feature on their pages.

Write letters to your fave magazines and ask them to change their policies. Tell your iTwixie friends! Your ideas to make images more real and true will make a difference. Together, we can make a huge difference!


Get this: Jessica Barlow, petitioned Cleo to change its policy on images of young girls and Cleo did! Three Cheers for Jessica!!!

14 year-old Julia Bluhm started a petition for Seventeen Magazine to include one, photo-shop-free double page spread photo in every issue. She got over 84,000 signatures and Seventeen Magazine agreed! How cool is that?!?

You can get involved, too. Write a blog about what you think about all of this!

Send a letter to a publisher… start a petition… start a club… so many ways YOU can keep changing the world, iTwixie girls. YOU ROCK!


(Special thanks to Jerry Lodriguss and Change.org)

  1. i think the pink is FAKE. and i don’t like photoshop, because it gives a unreal look at women. if u use photoshop in magazines, u might as well NOT use models!!!:)

  2. I think the pink one is fake, and what’s so wrong about Photoshop? I just makes you look better, and it makes photographers pleased with their work. My mom is a photographer, and she loves Photoshop. I don’t understand what the big deal is. Please feel free to comment.

  3. i think the blue one is real and the purple is fake ;)

  4. I think the blue one is fake.

    I hate it when girls/ women photoshop pictures or change themselves to make themselves look “prettier”. Just because you wear lots of makeup does not mean that you are magically “prettier”. You are beautiful no matter what they say (sorry had to throw a reference to that song in there somewhere). You are beautiful no matter what. True beauty is truely on the inside though. Instead of looking in the mirror and thinking you are not pretty, think about how pretty you are on the inside, because that is what matters most in the end. (Sorry about the lenth of that, just had to get it all out)

  5. Hmmm…… I think the blue is real. I LOATHE HOW WOMEN AND GIRLS ALWAYS WANT TO BE PRETTIER! WHY CAN’T PEOPLE JUST BE NATURAL! Sometimes it’s nice to play around, and put makeup on, but not all the time. AND NOW they are saying that girls are much prettier when you completely change the way they are!

  6. I think the blue one is fake. I hate photoshop and ads. it is all about making sales not about caring about the people.

  7. I believe the purplish one is the correct one. Agh, I LOATHE photoshop in magazines! They tell us all that we can be beautiful without makeup or change and then they photoshop the celebrities just so they get better sales. It drives me NUTS! >.<

Best place to buy Viagra in Orlando Florida, Where did you buy Viagra without prescription in Oxnard California

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