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Cool tweens by apparena

1. Speak Out

Ever notice that the loudest voice in a room isn’t always the most pleasant? That’s because someone like you needs to Speak Out. Got a good thing to say? Share it. Text it. Blog it. Let us all hear it. Good ideas and positive energy always win the spotlight. And when someone’s rude, Speak Out, too. it’s good to remind each other that we don’t need to be rude or inappropriate to make a point. Keep it simple, like “that wasn’t nice,” or “I disagree and wish you’d be nicer.” They’ll get the point.

2. Speak Face to Face

When your gut tells you it’s time to put down that phone and speak to your BFF in person, trust it. You’re probably right. Some conversations are simply best to have Face to Face. You’ll cherish them more. They’ll be more meaningful. And your BFFs will see your Social Superstardom shine through every part of you.

3. Kill ‘Em with Kindness 

Everyone wants to be loved. So love ‘em all!
Should you let someone disrespect you? No, no, no! But try starting a conversation with a little love — say a compliment — it’s always a great way to get someone to pay attention. Even the toughest kid will want to hear more. “Great job on that test,” or “Nice shot,” or “I totally agreed with your question in class,” are some easy ways to get on the same page with your future, new, or old, BFF right away.

How did our 3 Tips for being a Social Superstar work for you?  Like them? Feeling like a Social Superstar yet? So, tell us, how is your Social Superstardom going?

(Photo Credit: apparena)

  1. Kindness works like a charm… ;)

  2. I always kill ‘em with kindness, and it usually gets me good friends. :) Well, online at least. xD

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