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Top 10 Tips to Keep Strong

So did your Fall sport just finish? How did you do? Wish you had a way to keep fit until your Spring sport begins? We’ve got your back, girls! Check out these 10 Tips for keeping fit in-between seasons:

  1. Start a running club – sounds intense, but don’t get too crazy! Just get a few of your BFFs together to run 1 or 2 miles together a couple times a week. Now that’s not too ambitious, is it? And get this: everyone will be amazed at your wish to keep fit, but YOU will be amazed at how fantastic you feel all winter long!
  2. Plan to play catch, walk the dog or shoot hoops twice a week – now this is so easy! Just plan two days a week that you’ll do something fun, useful or relaxing, but that also gets you doing more than just running. Get a friend to join you or spend time with your siblings, your dog or even just on your own in your driveway – but get out there and do something that isn’t just running.
  3. Make one day a week an upper body strengthening day – just choose one day a week to take 20 minutes and plan to work on your upper body strength. There are so many ways to get your upper body strong: from curls with weights to yoga poses, you can work on your upper body strength in just a few minutes AND feel stronger every time you do it!
  4. Give your legs a workout, too, one day a week - yes, you saw this coming, right? It’s so important to make sure your legs get some challenging workouts once a week, too. Squats, wall sits, lunges and jumping rope are all great ways to give your legs a chance to get strong. Make sure you do 15 minutes a week of leg strengthening. You’ll love how you feel by Spring.
  5. Practice some core work – try and add 2 days of core strengthening to your routine. You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing this, but choose a couple of days to add a plank, some push-ups or pull-ups to your workout. Don’t do too much too fast. You want to build up your strength. Giving your core some challenge is a great way to keep your whole body feeling wonderful.
  6. DON’T STRESS OUT! If you miss a day or forget what you had planned to do, don’t stress out about it! These are just ways to keep yourself mindful of your strength!
  7. Listen to your body – if you ever feel sore or uncomfortable with a set, make sure you take a break and rest. You don’t want to injure yourself. There’s no benefit in working out so hard that you end up needing to take a lot of time off to heal. So pay attention to how you feel. Every week will bring you more strength, not more soreness.
  8. Keep it fun – if you start dreading what you’re planning for yourself, then you know you’ve got to change something. Sign up for a community league or after school team, just for fun. No matter what, keep yourself smiling, laughing and having a good time.
  9. Keep challenging yourself – if everything you’re doing seems so easy that you’re not feeling like you’re having to try at all, then you know it’s time to either do another set, add a little weight or do a little more. As you get stronger, your workouts will feel easier and that is a really good thing. So keep up the good work! You’ll be so proud of yourself when you do.
  10. Try new things – see if there’s something you can try in-between your sports, like yoga classes, kick-boxing (like in the picture) swimming, dancing, a winter sport you’ve never tried, or even just pick-up basketball during open gym times. You’ll be happy when you try something new and end up loving it! So get out there and try it!
    Want to add one? Tell us! You are amazing, girls. So keep yourself feeling as amazing as you are :)

Photo credit: “Picture Youth”

  1. these are great tips :) keep up the great work

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