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Try Tennis Over Winter Break

Get a friend, sibling or parent to try tennis with you over break. Here are a few tips for how to get started. All you need is a racquet, a court, a few tennis balls, and someone to hit with you on the other side of the net!

Proper Grip

1. Hold the racquet handle and extend your arm out in front of you.

2. Turn the racquet vertically – so that when you look at it you see the metal rim, not the strings. Your grip on the handle should feel like you are shaking someone’s hand to meet them (but really you’re just shaking your racquet’s hand!).


1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with your knees slightly bent.

2. If you’re right-handed and you hold the racquet with your right hand, then face the left side of your body toward your opponent. If you’re a lefty, just reverse it!


Now, use your new basic techniques and try to hit, or volley. When we volley, we hit a ball back and forth with a buddy! Keep your racquet in one hand and ball in the other. Then, bounce the ball on the ground and use a quick push motion to hit the ball just over the net and to your friend. See how many times you can hit the ball back ‘n forth! This is a great way to develop better control of the ball.

In a few days, we will post more tennis techniques to try, like how to hit an overhead shot.

Photo credit: Girls Tennis Network Club


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