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These are the top 10 websites, nominated and voted for by iTwixie Tween Girls:


Thanks so much, girls, for creating this great list! Now what do you think about reviewing them?



(Photo Credit: abbamouse)

  1. Hmm…. what is yoursphere? It looks interesting…….

  2. Yeah I’ve been on Horror land before it is based on a book series and I CAN’T STAND IT! Too freaky 4 me. I`m not chicken (I’m human :) ) I saw it and went stiff. The books aren`t really that freaky, though.

  3. I been to almost all those websites!!! I cant wait to check out Wattpad, Yoursphere, and EnterHorrorLand.com :) .

  4. Yoursphere! Yay! lol

  5. I get on just about all these websites! :D My favorite is iTwixie, youtube, and Wattpad though. :D Checking out Horror land now though… sounds interesting. :)

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