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Top 10 Ways to Stop the Drama
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https://craniumapparel.co/lisobact/4700 his response iTwixie’s Top 10 Ways to Stop the Drama:

trust lons le saunier 10. Help Others. When we help others it helps us feel thankful for all we have.

look at this site 9.  Calm yourself down before talking through a disagreement or something emotional with your friends.

rencontre filles maurice 8. When you hear gossip, don’t repeat it.

hombres guapos solteros y millonarios 7. Follow this rule of thumb: If she’s gossiping about someone else, she’s gossiping about you; don’t tell her stuff.

26 dating a 30 year old 6. Give your opinion then listen. If your BFF still struggles with what to do,  keep listening. Don’t argue. She’s just trying to figure it out.

helmstedt frau sucht mann 5. Listen and Lock It: when your BFF tells you something, keep it to yourself.

http://powerhandling.com/?vikys=how-do-i-hook-up-subwoofers-in-my-car&754=89 4. If you see gossip online or on social media sites, don’t share it, don’t forward it, just delete it. And always tell an adult if it’s harmful about someone. Adults cannot help if they don’t know.

3. Remind yourself: we’re just kids. We are not perfect. It’s ok to mess up. Apologize and move on. Learn and grow from it.

2. When gossip starts, walk away or change the subject.

1. Find drama-free friends – seriously – this works.

Whatchya think? Are girls all about drama? Got any tips to add? Do you like these? Tell us in the comments section below:

(Photo Credit: zalouk webdesign)

  1. NEVER, EVER, EVER do something that u will regret, or that is hurtful. ’cause, u cant ever take it back. even if u do, u have still said it.

  2. number 7 is a really great rule I live in a small town and gossip travels fast.

  3. I REALLY DISLIKE gossip. If I gossip about someone, I ask if it is okay to say stuff about them and tell them what I will say. Otherwise, you aren’t being a very good friend. If you ask, then it isn’t really gossip anymore. Like, me and my sister don’t really like Justin Bieber. Then, my sister got a haircut that LOOKED like Justin Bieber. I asked her if I could tell people at school, and she said yes. So I told some people. But she didn’t like me saying she looked like a boy. (To her, not other people.) So I told her I was just joking and I stopped saying that.

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