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photo by moriza

We asked a bunch of girls what they thought, and they said that they didn’t like it when their BFF gets on her phone when they’re hanging out. But whenever someone takes out her phone, everyone else will take out theirs, too. Next thing you know, no one’s talking. Everyone’s looking down.

Do you like that? Do you do that? What do you wish would happen instead?

We worked with girls between the ages of 8 and 16 to come up with this great list of how to have fun with your BFFs AND your phones. Check it out and tell us what you think!

Top 5 Phone Rules for Girls:

5. Say, “Excuse me,” when you use your phone in a group. It makes everyone feel like you’d rather be with them than on your phone.

4. Share pictures you take with your phone with friends nearby. That way, everyone gets to have fun.

3. Leave your phone in your backpack when you’re hanging out with your BFF. If you are waiting to hear about something, just place your phone, face down, on a table nearby, so you’re not tempted to look.

2. Be that girl who doesn’t hang out on her phone at a party. Even if your friends start texting you, just keep your phone hidden. Say hi to people. Introduce your friends to each other. If someone at the party texts you, text them after the party is over and apologize for missing them, but that you were having a great time, so you missed the text. Your friends will catch on. And they’ll be happier about it, too.

1. Get a friend to leave her phone hidden, too. So maybe you don’t want to try this all alone. No big! Ask your BFF to put her phone away, too. She’ll probably be so happy you did! If everyone’s wishing that everyone would be on the phone less, maybe all it’s gonna take is for you and your BFF to agree to start hanging out together more and spending less time on the phone… pretty simple. But it might just work!

Pretty brilliant, right? Whatchya think?
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(Photo Credit: moriza)


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