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photo by Bright Meadow

Here is the winning Smoothie War entry:

‘Deluxe “Cold Chocolate” Dessert Unamoothie!’ by @Unahachichi :)


  • Chocolate Milk. I used rice milk (my parents are vegan) and mint chocolate syrup, but you can use premade stuff too. 
  • Cinnamon. A few sprinkles on top, I put on a ton, because I love cinnamon. 
  • Nutmeg. WARNING: For us, the nutmeg went to the bottom, so if you love nutmeg, make sure you get the last pour out of the blender! 
  • Ice! Amount depends on how icy or smooth you prefer your drink.
  • Blend!

Special thanks @Unahachichi for this great recipe :) Doesn’t it sound fabulous? Let’s all try it and see if it’s as yummy to us as it sounds… what do you think?

(Photo Credit: Bright Meadow)

Viagra where can i buy without prescription in Norwalk California - Buy Viagra 25 mg in Grand Prairie Texas

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