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by MDGovPics

You will need:

  • Plastic colored eggs — at least 4 for each person playing
  • Small “treats” for each egg — these can be actual things or papers describing the prize!
  • An enclosed area to hide the eggs — inside or outside, peeps need to know where to look


You will:

  1. Hide the eggs!
  2. Invite your BFFs and family for the “Egg Hunt” with a definite time when it will begin.
  3. Have a great time!



(Special thanks to MDGovPics for the cute Egg Hunt photo!)

  1. we don’t ever do anything for Easter no egg hunts or easter bunny just some candy for the candy dish

  2. My family always goes Easter Egg hunting! :D We wake up, search for eggs around our house, then go to my Grandparent’s and do another Easter egg hunt there! :D It’s always so much fun!! :)

  3. that’s what me and my family are doing for Easter tomorrow. :)

I need to buy Viagra in Chattanooga Tennessee, Cheap Viagra in Evansville Indiana

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