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Play Kick the Can

Have a blast this Spring, no matter the weather, when you and your family/friends play Kick The Can INSIDE! Here’s how:

1) Put a small can in the corner  near another door or hallway

2) Whoever is rencontres célibataires haute savoie dark below matchmaking click here conocer a chicos por chat citas gratis apa rencontre agde site de rencontre vegan belgique http://makse.com/?kremel=dating-in-bergen-county-nj&291=58 rencontres femmes 30 ans http://www.sricollege.edu.my/firetor/5362 IT counts to 20 and then say, ready or not, here I come!

3) Everyone else should be hidden by then, or crouching to race to the can before the person who is IT

4) You become IT if you get tagged by IT before kicking the can

5) Anyone can kick the can at any time, as long as IT doesn’t tag you first. When someone kicks the can, the game starts over. If the can gets kicked without IT tagging anyone, then IT is IT again!

So fun! Get your parents to play, too. It’s such a fun game of strategy, hiding and fun. Tell us all about YOUR game right here!

(Special thanks to @missmonkey for telling us how fun inside kick-the-can is! Photo Credit: garann)


  1. Sounds really fun!

  2. 2 late i recycled my cans

  3. we played on vacation because it was so cold we couldn’t hang outside. and we all had a blast. but it would be fun to play inside or outside… with anyone. my fave thing to do would be to hide close to the can and watch whoever was IT walk by me so i could race them to the can. I usually won that race, too, btw. not bragging but, you know. yeah.

  4. I played this game once in 2nd grade our teacher taught us to play it was fun

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