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10 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Jana Messerschmidt

Number 10: Twitter’s Jana Messerschmidt

No. 10: Twitter's Jana Messerschmidt

rencontre qc boy She dreamed of doing great things, just like you. Now, Jana Messerschmidt is vice president of Twitter’s Global Business Development & Platform. She’s been at Twitter since 2010 by way of Netflix. It was her team that orchestrated most of Twitter’s huge partnership deals including deals with Apple, Google, IBM, Salesforce and Comcast. She oversess a huge organization beyond partnerships. It includes enterprise sales, developer relations, marketing and technical program management and data science.

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visit here Messerschmidt is also known as a founding partner in #Angels, a team of senior women business leaders, mainly from Twitter, who are investing in early stage startups.

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find out this here Thanks, Business Insider, for this great list of powerhouse engineers!

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