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11 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Nandini Ramani
Famous Women Engineers

Number 11: Twitter’s Nandini Ramani

No. 11: Twitter's Nandini Ramani

http://oaklearners.ca/?pimakerey=theme-site-de-rencontre-gratuit&67e=18 Meet Twitter’s very own, Nandini Ramani, who serves as vice president of engineering at Twitter. She’s responsible for engineering processes across Twitter’s over 1,000-employee strong technical organization. She’s also a key player involved in the company’s product strategy for emerging markets, specifically India, and she is the executive sponsor of Twitter’s organization for women, @womeng.

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Ramani is a champion of many other projects, too, like Twitter’s Early Bird Camp internship program for college sophomores and the Twitter Academy internship program. Prior to Twitter she was a vice president at Oracle.


Full Article Thank you so much, Business Insider, for this incredible list of engineers!

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