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girls can change the world
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iTwixie Word of the Week

Congratulations, @alise!  You won last week’s iTwixie Word of the Week Challenge! Here’s the sentence that @alise wrote, using last week’s Word of the Week, girlpower:

When you really act like yourself and aren’t afraid to, you’re not only having courage, you’re having girlpower!

For the last week of Girl Power October, our Word of the Week will be: girlpower. C’mon, girls! Tell the world what girlpower means to YOU! Let’s see if we all can agree that iTwixie girls have lots of GIRLPOWER!

How iTwixie’s Word of the Week Challenge Works
Check with iTwixie every Wednesday at 9 am Eastern Time to see who won last week’s challenge and get the new word for this week. Then just write a sentence in the comments section below. All week long, we’ll collect your sentences and we’ll use a random drawing to select a winner by the following Wednesday morning, at 9 am. The winner will get a cool prize! It’s that easy!

You can do it, girls! Remember, whenever you win, you get a cool prize. So let’s see those sentences! If you have won the Word of the Week challenge before, be sure to send your parent’s mailing address to info@itwixie.com so you can get your prize. You must do that within 30 days of winning so don’t delay! Way to go @alise!

Good luck, girls!




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