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Famous Women Engineers

Buy Viagra 130 mg in Laredo Texas, Purchase Viagra in Fremont California

No. 14: Qualcomm's Susie Armstrong

Are you just like Susie Armstrong? Are you dreaming of doing big things? Then you are just like her! Armstrong was a little girl with big dreams and now is senior vice president, engineering at Qualcomm. She’s been at Qualcomm for 22 years and is known as one of the engineers who pioneered the mobile Internet, inventing the software that allows cell phones to deal with data. That means everything from accessing web pages to using apps and viewing photos.

At Qualcomm she’s led a variety of teams ranging from software engineering to the mobile chip-set division and she’s served as the head of worldwide customer engineering.

Her colleagues know her for her work leading the Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab, a classroom engineering lab where students can make stuff.

Thank you Business Insider for introducing us to these powerful engineers!

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