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16 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Marianna Tessel
Famous Women Engineers

Number 16: Docker’s Marianna Tessel

No. 16: Docker's Marianna Tessel

see it here When little girls dream big, they do big things. That’s the story behind Marianna Tessel. Now she is the senior vice president of engineering at Docker. Docker invented a whole new category of software development tools called containers that have, in a few short years, taken the tech industry by storm.

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http://www.horse-previews.com/misisipoi/10539 Tessel left her VP of engineering job at VMware a couple of years ago. Containers are seen as the disruptive technological heir to the tech that VMware invented in the 1990s, (known as virtualization). So it was a major score for Docker when Tessel joined its team.


ie rencontre probleme doit fermer Even before VMware, she had a long history of building engineering teams. She worked as a VP of engineering at Ariba and at early handheld device maker General Magic before that.


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