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Famous Women Engineers

Buy Viagra 120 mg in Oklahoma City Oklahoma - Buy Viagra 130 mg in Evansville Indiana

No. 18: SpaceX's Joy Dunn

Do you have dreams of space travel? You may be like Joy Dunn! She is SpaceX’s lead of New Product Innovation. She runs the task force that brings new products into production while maintaining the resources for existing rocket programs. She’s been at SpaceX since 2009 and has worked on everything from the first commercial spacecraft in orbit, to docking with the International Space Station, to the passenger rocket, the Crew Dragon vehicle. In her previous role of senior manager of Dragon engineering, she led a team of 65 engineers who built the Dragon rocket ship. When she’s not building rockets she can be found helping out a whole list of organizations that encourage kids to explore science and tech. See? She’s just like you!

Thanks, Business Insider, for this terrific list of world class dreamers and doers!

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