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Famous Women Engineers

Can i buy Viagra no prescription in Amarillo Texas, Buy Viagra 150 mg in Shreveport Louisiana

No. 30: 23andMe's Joyce Tung

When she was just a little girl she dreamed of her own success, just like you. And now, Joyce Tung, is vice president of research at 23andMe.

She studied and received her PhD is in biology and genetics and has a minor in computer science. So she is actually not an engineer. But she is a key player at the company that pioneered home genetic tests. Business professionals expect this to become a $10 billion industry by 2020. That’s a huge deal! This new kind of work is going to have a huge impact on how people understand their ancestry and their bodies.

Tung is leading a team of scientists responsible for the company’s research services that is beginning to influence everything from clinical treatment and drug development to insights into human development.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this amazing resource of role model engineers!

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