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conocer mujeres de brooklin Meet Our Number 1 Engineer, Microsoft’s Peggy Johnson

resource No. 1: Microsoft's Peggy Johnson

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Peggy Johnson started out her life just like you. She was, once upon a time, a little girl. Today, she is executive vice president, Business Development at Microsoft. That makes her Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella’s, deal maker.
She and her team were key in the company’s enormous $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn. But she’s done lots of other deals, too.  Last year she helped the company establish an artificial intelligence center in Montreal with the acquisition of a startup, Maluuba. And she orchestrated an investment in the AI incubator Element AI.  She works with pioneers in technology and always looks forward to progress and succeed. Hello, Peggy! We are so excited to meet you!Thank you, Business Insider, for this incredible article on Peggy and all of these amazing engineers!