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9 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Jocelyn Goldfein

Number 9: Zetta Ventures’ Jocelyn Goldfein

No. 9: Zetta Ventures' Jocelyn Goldfein

She once dreamt of being a world class professional and then shazam – she became one! Jocelyn Goldfein is a general partner at VC firm Zetta Ventures. Goldfein is one of the best-known female engineers in the Valley. When she was at Facebook, she brought machine learning algorithms to the News Feed and led some of the company’s successful moves into mobile.

At VMware, she worked on the company’s bread-and-butter tech, known as virtualization and also launched the company’s $150 million desktop business.

Before becoming a full-time VC, Goldfein was an active angel investor, who backed over 20 startups, particularly in infrastructure and AI. She on the board of Harvey Mudd College and lectures at Stanford.

Thanks, Business Insider, for this great list of powerful engineers!

  1. Wow – she’s amazing – did you see all she has done? Are you like Jocelyn? Maybe one day you will be an Engineer Like Her!

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