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A Prairie Dog Like You
Prairie Dog Family

Over the years, iTwixie has studied prairie dogs with our special BFFs from the Prairie Dog Squad, led by Dr. John Hoogland. And wow, do they have big news. Sure, you already know that prairie dogs are social, that they give hello kisses to each other and that they have a really charming warning call to alert their whole prairie dog town about danger. But now there’s more news!


The Prairie Dog Squad bets you can guess what it is! And so here’s this week’s STEM Challenge: From everything you know about prairie dogs, guess which of these is true about prairie dogs, when all of their family members go away:

1) True or False? Prairie dogs wander around like nomads, so they don’t notice if their family is around or not.

2) True or False? Family is everything to a prairie dog. Even cousins are considered family. So when some of a family goes, so goes the rest of the family!

3) True or False? If a prairie dog’s family leaves, the one that’s left behind will just wait for them all to come back.

Just enter your answer in the comments section.  All entries will be put into a drawing.The winner will get a cool, Day of the Girl t-shirt! It’s the last one! The winner will be announced next week, March 19.

Good luck! And give our peeps from the Prairie Dog Squad a huge Shout Out right here!

(Photo Credit: Elaine Bond)

  1. if i were a prairie dog i would be very fluffy and smile a lot and chase people

  2. How could I not love this? Aren’t prairie dogs too cute!

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