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March 10, 2014

One of the things that helps us each feel marvelous is having positive, fun and kind people around us. Sometimes, we have to deal with bullies, though. Do you feel ready? Are you Bully-Proof? Take our quiz and see and get some tips on how to get Bully-Proof!

Buy Viagra 200 mg in Norman Oklahoma, Can i buy Viagra no prescription in Providence Rhode Island

Buy Viagra 200 mg in Norman Oklahoma, Can i buy Viagra no prescription in Providence Rhode Island

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  1. I have a bully in my neighbor hood. He likes to tease me and my bro. I asked all of the adults I know and trust (My aunt, my Mom, my Dad and my other Aunt), and they all told me the same thing. Ignore him. But I did, and he threw rocks at me. But now I called my dad, put him on speaker phone and he told him to stop. He doesn’t bug us anymore :)

  2. I have a friend at school that looks and acts different from the rest of us and she gets bullied. She seems to enjoy it but I still stand up for her because I want her to have more friends. My other friend was the first one to tell me how horrible she is, but now she sees me being nice and she is nice to her now too! I feel good when I prevent bullying even if I’m not bully-proof.

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