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Wrinkles Rock
February 5, 2013

When we stay in the water for hours, our fingers turn into little prunes. Why is that? Are we shrinking? Losing water? Are our bodies falling apart? Scientists have a new theory. What’s YOURS?

You said:

“Maybe the water pressure makes your hands shrink in and squeeze together.”

“Maybe things wouldn’t slip out of your hands as much?”

“Better grip?”

“Water makes the skin expand, which makes your fing ers look all wrinkly and weird.”

“I think it is because the skin absorbs water so it swells.”

“I think our bodies are trying to adjust to the fact that they’ve been in water so long and are responding to new stimuli when they are back out of the water.”

“The outermost layer of your skin swells when it absorbs water.”

Scientists who did experiments said:

“Some people worked faster than others. But every participant moved the wet objects faster with wrinkled fingers. Wrinkled skin didn’t help anyone move the dry objects any faster.”

“More studies are needed to understand skin wrinkling and whether it has any disadvantage. (Otherwise, why isn’t our skin wrinkled all the time?)”


Great answers, iTwixie girls! The winner of the iTwixieAdmin blog post is Headnosegirly8! Special thanks to all the girls who took the time to write what they thought!

Smart girls rock the world. YOU GO GIRLS!

(Special thanks to ScienceNews for Kids and USA Science & Engineering Festival)

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