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For the Good. Period.

If we talk about getting your period, do you feel uncomfortable? Do you think your period is too personal to talk about on iTwixie? Is getting your period something you dread? Worry about? Are scared about happening? Have no idea about?

Look at the world around you. Pretty much every female in your life who is in high school or older has a period. Some girls don’t get their period until later in high school, sure. But truth is, most girls today get their period by 13.

And even more truthful than that, is the simple fact that getting your period is natural. It’s part of growing up. And if you’re a girl, you’re going to get it.

Why the fuss? We don’t know. But in some parts of the world, getting your period is such a big deal that you stay home when you have it. You don’t go to school the week you get your period. And then, sometimes, if you miss so much school, you drop out of school. And then you don’t get a good education. And then you don’t get to make your own choices or try to make your dreams come true. And then you end up sad, in poverty or worse, in a marriage that you didn’t even choose.

Pretty crazy, eh?

We learned about this group called For the Good Period. And they are amazing. They go to parts of the world where girls stop going to school when they are on their period, and they help to change that. They bring the stuff you need when you’re on your period. They help educate people in those small towns to understand that getting your period is as natural as sleeping. And they make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of girls by simply talking about these little, tiny truths.

Now meet seventh grader, Ella Lindenberg, who took it upon herself to raise money to help girls in Kenya stay in school when they are on their period.



In the Fall of 2016, she raised money by organizing a bake sale for  For The Good Period.

There you go, girls. A little fun info about how we can make a difference by just being truthful, candid and comfortable with things that are as natural as sleep.

Enjoy your day! And let us know if you want to learn more about cool groups like For the Good Period.

  1. I actually have an alergy, so I would get stomachaches every day. Then I learned about it and managed to figure it out. When I got my period and had cramps it didn’t bother me because of all the other stomachaches I had when I was little.

  2. I got my period when I was 12 and it was okay at first but now it is sooooooo painful, I can’t really move at some stages of the day!!! My periods are also long and make me feel very tired. I have to stay in bed on like 2 days of my period, and another weird thing is that I have such BAD cramps before/during and after, It is the worst feeling ever, I have been to 2 doctors, that put me on some homeopathic herds but so far nothing is helping! If anyone as the same problem as me, Please let me know what or how you deal with it, and what things you use to help cramps!

    • I got mine when I was only nine. I never get cramps before my period telling me that it’s coming, which was annoying because I used to just get my period at random times, so it was harder. But now it’s “on time”, so it got easier, even with no cramps.

  3. I haven’t got mine yet. In 5th grade (I’m in 6th grade now) we did a maturation program. These ppl came to our school one day and told us girls everything we need to know about our period, and sooooo many girls were groaning and whining about it when we found out those ppl would be coming. One girl even stayed home from school that day and missed the whole thing even though it was really important. I didn’t understand why at all, I was kinda looking forward to it so that I would know everything I needed to know. It wasn’t so bad, those girls still whined after it was over though. I think they were being dumb, we need to know this stuff! It will really help to know everything about it for when that time comes. Anyway, my rant is over. PEACE!!!

    • You rock – and you are so right. Learning about what you need to know is always better than worrying, fretting or avoiding reality. Good for you! PEACE!

    • I agree ith you 100%, What if you wake up the next morning and your “friend” comes to visit and you won’t know what to do because you didn’t learn about your body, So I agree 100% and it’s not something to be ashamed or scared about every woman on this planet has to go through it at some stage of their life, and you should look forward to is because it’s a sign that you are growing up and becoming a lovely young lady!

  4. I also didn’t know such things..I got mine when I was 12 but I used to go to school in those days…..and thankfully, I m not from those part of world where periods are considered such a difficult time..well salute to Ella for doing such an amazing work…may U reach ur destination, Ella!.☺

  5. I didn’t know periods were such a big deal to some people! I got mine when I was only NINE, so I’m pretty comfortable/familiar with it.

    • I’m 11 and I haven’t got mine yet. I’m kinda scared because I don’t know what to expect, even tho we had a whole lesson about periods at school (just the girls). They even said we could stay home if we had them.

      • Don’t be scared! Remember, I was only nine when I started dealing with it, and who knows, you might not get yours until you’re, like, 13! It’s nothing to be scared of, and when you do get your period, you can always ask me any questions about it, and I’ll probably have an answer. c:

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