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Green Tween Achievement

Just complete 3 of these 5 challenges to prove that YOU are a CERTIFIABLE GREEN TWEEN! Here they are:

1) Plant a tree or a flower or a bush. Send in a picture of what you plant. We cannot wait to see your green thumb at work!

2) Repurpose an item instead of throwing it away. You know, like turning a t-shirt into a purse. Or taking a box and turning it into a locker organizer. Send in a picture and show us what YOU made.

3) Convince 2 friends to do something GREEN and tell us about it. Will they start recycling cereal boxes? Taking shorter showers? Turning off lights when they leave the room?

4) Start a CERTIFIABLY GREEN CLUB at school or in your community or Girl Scouts Troop. How many girls can you sign-up? Tell us all about it.

5) Organize a car pool. Tell us how much gas you’re saving by taking turns driving instead of every family driving one kid at a time. You’ll be amazed!

Do you have a project you want to do? Tell us all about it. That could count, too!

Once you complete 3 challenges, tell us all about them. And shazam! You will earn this a CERTIFIABLE GREEN TWEEN Achievement badge:



(Photo Credit: Taymaz Valley) 

  1. This is a cool idea! It is taking me a while to get it all done, though. So far I have planted some flowers and organized a family recycling system, whew. Can setting up a system for recycling at your own home count? Now I just need pictures!!

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