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girls can change the world
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Designed by Unahachichi

Here is why Unahachichi was elected our MEGA March Green Tween:

Unahachichi says:  I am a superfast showerer, I recycle craft materials and electronics, too! I have many house plants and come spring, my mom is giving me a spot in the front yard to make a garden! I never kill bugs, I am kind to the environment, I walk with my friends places (as apposed to having my friend’s older sister drive us) and I love to ride my bike everywhere.

Congratulations, Unahachichi, we all agree you are GREEN!

Here’s how iTwixie’s Green Tween of the Month works:   Each first Tuesday of the month, iTwixie takes nominations for iTwixie’s Green Tween of the Month. You can even nominate yourself! And the winner gets a cool, Hard Rock Cafe Tote Bag. Cool, right? The next nominations start on April 2 and last for one whole week! Maybe YOU will be iTwixie’s next Green Tween ;)


(Photo Credit:  Unahachichi )

Isn’t this kewl? iTwixie GREEN Tween of the Month ROCKS!!!

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